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Jameson's Farm & Apiary:

We at Jameson’s Farm & Apiary look forward to servicing you in all your bee keeping needs. You are welcome to call us day or night for any of the services we provide.

Greg Jameson, Head Bee Wrangler

Information on Greg Jameson:

You have several options in the case of bees in an unwanted area. 1st you can leave them alone, 2nd you can have them exterminated and 3rd you can have them removed. With these options you have other issues that come from your decisions. 1st if you leave them alone, in time they may become agitated and that can become dangerous, 2nd if you elect to have them exterminated, you are killing a ever dwindling resource of our world, next you have the comb, bees and honey left behind and this will attract rats, cockroaches and ants along with an odor that is not very nice, 3rd if you have them removed the high cost is overwhelming and the dismantling of the structure is a concern, but it is the most secure way of getting rid of bees.

I have many years experience in the art of remodeling and can give you the secure feeling that using us will produce most favorable results. I am experienced in knowing how bees operate and know what to do for you not to have a problem in the future.

I like to give special thanks to the folks at Bee Weaver Apiaries and all the help and support they have given me, my family and my business. Thanks to Binford, Danny and Laura for all the help and support in getting my Apiary off the ground. Thanks to Bobby in coming out and working with me and teaching me about bee keeping. I would also like to thank the Weaver’s for endorsing Jameson’s Farm & Apiary as their source for bee removals.

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Gregory M. Jameson
27484 Robinson Road
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Cell: 713-562-6959

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