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We at Jameson's Farm & Apiary are a full service bee farm. We are dedicated to all you bee keeping needs. We are qualified experts in the following:

1: Bee Removal -

(We are the experts in the field of bee removal; your reassurance comes from our expertise in the field of carpentry and construction.  With 22-years experience in building and remodeling homes you can be assured that your home is safe.  Whether your needs extend to brick, stone, wood or concrete we are the people you will be at ease with.  We get the bees out without damage and you are assured we do everything in our power to save the bees).

2: Bee Set Ups -

(We are highly trained experts in setting up hives for individuals who are interested in becoming bee keepers them selves).

3: Training -

(We welcome the opportunity to come to your area and train you in the art of bee keeping).

4: Education -

(We at Jameson's Farm & Apiary welcome the opportunity to educate individuals on bees and bee keeping.  We welcome Schools, Scouts, Police and Fire Departments and all others who wish to be more informed about the world's best pollinator).

5: Supplies -

(In need of supplies, give us a call and we will ship it to you or if your in the area we will deliver or your welcome to stop by).

6: Honey -

(We do sell honey, but we don't always have it.  It sells fast.  The reason is that we only handle honey we harvest our selves.  We don't sell honey that comes from other farms.  If you want honey from Waller County with the help of Waller County bees please contact us.  First come first served).

7: Service and Support -

(We don't keep secrets; if you have a question, just give us a call and we will give you all the information that is available to us. We are experts in the art of bee removal and bee keeping, and we know that you have questions, please feel free to call us and let us take some stress off your mind).

Saint Leo the Great Catholic Church.

Greg Jameson - A statement on Bee Removal.
Thank you for choosing Jameson's Farm & Apiary for your bee removal needs. I know you will be completely satisfied with the services we provide. We are easy to talk to and will inform you on every detail as to give you the ability to make an informative decision. Our work is completely warranted. You have nothing to loose except the bees where they might bee. We believe a well informed person will make the best decision as to keep us from doing the job twice.

Bee Removal:

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