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A swarm of bees were the Queen is resting for the final trip to thier new nest. The History Of Why The Bees:
I can remember my father working with bees in Milpitas, California. I can't remember him ever wearing any type of bee protective clothing. Well times have changed and so have the bees.

Since then my father has passed away but his memory still survives, but not necessary the way that he would have desired it. My family and I moved to the country and like everyone else we started a garden. The only problem was we were unable to grow tomatoes, so talking to some of the local farmers they informed us that we were in need of pollination. I promptly went to a local Apiary (Bee Weaver Apiaries) and asked if they would put some bees on our place. Due to the time of year they were very busy and unable to oblige. They suggested that we purchase our own bees and we did. Well as times would have it and they became busier and busier they would ask us to help handle bee removal calls they received and the story continues...

Jameson's Farm & Apiary Service and Comitment:
At Jameson's Farm & Apiary, we pride ourselves on the very best service people can expect. We go up and beyond to bring satisfying results to your bee needs. Weather it be Information and or Technical Support, Bee Removal, Hive or Site Set Up, Package Bees, Queens, Equipment or Supplies. You can trust Jameson's Farm & Apiary to bring you the very best results in you bee keeping experience.

Daniel Lattimer is here on the farm helping us split and add bees to our colonies. Adding bees and splitting hives allows us to insure strong and healthy bees. It also insures us to have plenty of pollinators and honey producers. Daniel Lattimer:
We at Jameson' Farm & Apiary would like to thank Daniel Lattimer, the Managing Director of HGM Castings, LLC for his enthusiastic and energetic help and support in getting us started for a new season in the year 2005. We here on the farm look forward to individuals who would like to don a bee suit and learn more about bees and the art of beekeeping. Allowing the bees to create this atmosphere gives us a better understanding on how to coexist with the world's best pollinator.

We at Jameson's Farm & Apiary are dedicated to the existence of the honey bee. We are committed to ensure the constant replenishment of strong docile bees. The fragile world of the honey bee is a concern and they are endanger of extinction and we are doing all we can do to stop this from happening. We do this thru education, expansion of hives, relocation and the cooperation of local farmers.